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Before working with Eugene I struggled with math and hated it. I never thought that I would be able to handle the most difficult honors math classes that my school has to offer, but because of Eugene I was not only able to handle them, but also got phenomenal grades.

Angela Banks

Immediately, I recognized that Eugene wanted to see me succeed. Unlike previous math tutors I had worked with in the past, Eugene was able to explain challenging math concepts in simple terms.

Alex Rapeport

As an educator myself, I can attest that Eugene Itkin is the finest teacher I have ever known. He is that unique tutor who instills confidence in his student, finding the right way to explain, the right pace, the right tone. He understands the student's perspective, character, and skills. Eugene is tenacious; working with him is transformational.

Our daughter is a perfect example. She was certain that she "just didn't have a math brain". Eugene quickly sized up the issues and established a mindset that they were a team and together there was nothing they couldn't figure out. Our daughter went from cringing at the thought of numbers to eagerly awaiting sessions with Eugene.

Overhearing some of their sessions, I can tell you that Eugene has the patience of Job, never getting discouraged, always showing a new strategy to accomplish the task. He knows what is most important for the courses and what is not. Our daughter, who was suffering through regular math, went on to achieve the highest scores in advanced math. More importantly, she learned what she could accomplish what seemed impossible. This is a lesson for life.

Dr. Daniel Einhorn, MD

Prior to working with Eugene I struggled to comprehend many math concepts. Eugene took concepts such as the unit circle and logarithms and clearly related them to things I did understand, and thus converted me from being scared to death to attend math class to being excited to go to math class everyday. I continue to apply the outlook Eugene gave me on math in my college math classes and the difference is clear.

Bobby Caya

Before meeting with Eugene, I had been struggling with my college math courses. I had received a D in a college algebra course and needed help regaining and mastering my knowledge of the subject. After spending the following semester together, I mastered the course my second time through and was able to get a B in the class. The next math course seemed daunting, however, with Eugene’s help; I passed the class with an A...I always hated math with a passion because I never could fully grasp the concepts being taught. With Eugene’s guidance and assistance, I actually began to enjoy math.

Joshua Scott

I have always struggled in Math since Elementary school. I started working with Eugene and his staff in 6th grade. Since then, he has helped me understand math in a way that is coherent with my study habits and my way of learning. He really gets to know his students and always pushes them to do their best.

One of my biggest accomplishments that I couldn’t have achieved without him was raising my ninth grade Geometry grade up from an F to a high B. In ninth grade I became very lazy and stopped attending tutoring sessions with Eugene. I struggled greatly in passing my math class and in the middle of my second semester I decided that it was time to be more hardworking and ambitious, given that I had a failing grade. I called Eugene right away and without question; he agreed to help me raise my grade up. I met with him about twice a week every week until the day of my final. He taught me the material that I was learning in a way that completely matched with my learning style.

I began to understand things that were so confusing to me before and I was able to receive A’s and high B’s on tests and quizzes that I would probably fail without him. He pushed me to study harder and to become a more organized and hard working person. At the end of the semester when I saw a B in Geometry on my report card, I was completely shocked and so thankful. I knew I couldn’t let this tutor go; he was too good at his job. I decided to keep working with him and his incredibly intelligent staff since present time, and I am now a senior in High School. Since working with Eugene and his staff, I have not had an overall grade lower than a B+ in my math classes. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a math tutor. He definitely knows what he is doing and I would expect great results.

Alina Pogorelova

I never would have thought I was going to major in anything math-related once I got to college. However, Eugene's help was so substantial that I ended up majoring in Mechanical Engineering at West Point.

Michael Salas

It was a stressful process when I had to request that Middlebury's admissions postpone reviewing my transcript because I had received a D in Pre-Calculus on my first report card... In just a couple months he helped raise my math grade from a D to a B, and more importantly helped me get into Middlebury, from where I will soon be graduating.

Doug Rogers

I was amazed at his ability to read what made both boys 'tick" so to speak. This is important because Eugene was able to apply the correct teaching styles immediately.The results have been that one of my sons went from a "D" to an "A" and the other son from a "D" to a "B"...Their confidence and enjoyment levels related to math have skyrocketed!

Robert E. Caya

"We enlisted him for both my daughters to improve their scores on the math portion of the SAT. Both my girls raised their scores quite a bit beyond what most tutors would consider likely--in one case more than 100 points! More important, working with Eugene was an extremely positive experience."

Naomi Oreskes

If you are undecided whether or not to have your son or daughter receive tutoring from Genies Center of Educational Excellence, I would highly encourage that you do. They are professional, well run and are passionate about helping your son/daughter do well. They have taken ownership of my son's math class this year, relieving us from the stress, pressure and nightly fights here in our home. My son actually looks forward to going to tutoring...I feel so strongly about this tutoring company that I have already referred several people to them, all of which are extremely happy with their services.

Sarita Flaming

The results were simply astonishing. After the second quiz he never earned anything lower than a 95%...My son was admitted to MIT and placed into freshman high-level courses...As a parent it is often difficult to attribute any one teacher with success that made the difference in your child’s life, I have no such difficulty, Eugene made all the difference in my son's life...There are not many real leaders; Eugene is one of those very special people that will have a profound affect on your children’s future.

Susan Evans

Eugene is the most inspiring, helpful, patient person I have ever encountered regarding Math and helping my son succeed with his education. My son was in a remedial math program and was very nervous about going to high school and being able to succeed in Algebra, geometry and Algebra II. Not only did my son succeed, but he learned to enjoy Math.

Vicky Graham

"My daughter truly admires and likes Eugene. She respects him, listens and learns from him and excels in her honors math classes-usually being at the top of her math class-since she began working with Eugene! Eugene cares about his students and my daughter can see that. It inspires and motivates her."

Linsay Frederick

Eugene has been a motivational and inspiring teacher for our son. Our son was undisciplined and immature before he began working with Eugene. Eugene inspired our son to not only take math seriously, but to also approach his other subjects in school with the same commitment.

Dr. Kevin Rapeport, MD

Eugene is not only a math tutor, he is a mentor. He has treated my son as a whole person. Not only has my son grown in math and science, he has led him to academically excel beyond his years. I believe that with the help of Eugene, my son is on his way to a prestigious university. I highly recommend his services.

Marushka Vessel

Christian has now been with Genies for 4 years and the results speak for themselves. He has achieved an A Grade in math in each year of high school and finished his Junior year, with a 95% score in pre-calculus. It has been a remarkable turnaround in every respect.

Sean Welsh

The confidence you gave her and your teaching style has been incredible. I am so proud of her. Alexa had so many options for college and the last two years really made the difference. She was accepted to 14 out of the 19 schools she applied to.

Lori Polin

I was completely shocked and amazed at this accomplishment. He is an amazing tutor and has not only helped my daughter raise her math grades, but also helped her gain the confidence and ambition she needed to get good grades in all of her classes throughout High School.

Dr. Pogorelov

Eugene connected with our son as an individual. He was able to explain mathematical concepts so they were understood...The follow-up was great, and Eugene's efforts resulted in our son being much more confident in his abilities in math. Now, he is about to enter his senior year at Purdue University majoring in mechanical engineering.

Eyla Boies

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